About Us

Way4ward offers interventions to address conflict and lack of mindfulness in a range of social contexts. This includes conflict in schools between pupils or between pupils and staff, conflict in families and between children and carers, conflict in communities between families, neighbours and gang affiliates, and conflict within the workplace affecting performance.

Way4ward helps to raise aspirations, improve interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation skills and distress tolerance to increase self motivation and enable people to make rational choices in stressful circumstances.

We help young people to maintain a positive attitude, to aim higher, behave better, enhance achievements and attend school more regularly. We help employees to work together better in teams or on their own. We help those engaged with the criminal justice system, whether on court orders or in prison to create a new positive future and to explore routes out of criminality through training, new career paths or enterprise.


Our central premise is that character is the foundation of who we are and indicates how well we will do in life. The Way4ward approach to character development uses moral education and restorative practices to develop values and virtues.

Moral education approaches promote respect, responsibility, justice, conscience, integrity and empathy. Restorative approaches or practices promotes forgiveness, inclusion and addresses the negative affects of guilt and shame that a heightened moral compass might promote.

The fundamental premise is that people are more cooperative, productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in authority do things with rather than to them or for them.


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