The Way4ward approach to teaching is based on character development through a process of moral education by developing values and virtues, underpinned by restorative practices in learning. From this perspective character development and moral education are critical tasks for society that can be achieved best by developing virtues.

Our central premise is that a person’s character is the foundation of who he or she is and hence how well he or she will do in life. The key to successful character, then, is to a certain extent dependent upon the teacher’s own preparation in moral teaching and willingness to focus on its importance.

Restorative approaches or practices evolved from restorative justice and is a new field of study that has the potential to positively influence human behaviour and strengthen civil society. The fundamental premise of restorative practices is that people are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them.