Working With Young People At Risk Of Offending


The purpose of these workshops are to deglamorize the gang lifestyle preventing young people from getting involved in gangs and focuses on the consequences of gang membership. For young people who are already involved in gangs there are workshops for changing gang behaviour from the inside out.

Making Positive Choices

Understanding the need to recognise and avoid risky places and behaviour. Considering the consequences of choices before making them and steps you can take to stop bullying.

Crime and Consequences

These sessions explore why young people commit crime and the consequences of doing so. It also explores scenarios where young people can be tempted, deceived or coerced into crime; to give them tools to divert them from crime.

Consequences of Taking Illegal Drugs and Alcohol

These sessions raise awareness of the dangers of illegal drug taking and alcohol.

Citizenship Education

These sessions take young people on a journey of first understanding themselves and their identity. It explores the benefits and challenges of living in a culturally diverse society, understanding social change; and helps them to identifies their own issues, whilst placing them in their social and cultural context. The sessions explore the powers that have created these issues and creates an empowering learning environment to enable the young people to challenge these powers.