Don’t Blow It

Don’t Blow It addresses the multiple and often complex needs of young people such as under achievement, anger, anti-social or criminal behaviour, relationships, social responsibility, dealing with authorities, lack of hope, perceived lack of choices, negative perception, fearfulness, negative peer group pressure influence, lack of resilience, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, short-term mind-set, no sense of responsibility and laziness etc

The programme creates a positive mindset for young people by giving them a deep understanding of themselves and the ability to make positive choices. It also provides an understanding that raises their awareness of the environment; giving them the tools to help them understand the social, economic and political context of their own issues. Thus empowering them with the ability and confidence to engage and influence these issues for the better. They will be encouraged to participate is mentoring and peer mentoring to reinforce long term pro-social positive behaviour change.
This programme can be accessed in its entirety or in separate modules.